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Courses, Workshops & Retreats

Throughout the year I host retreats and facilitate courses and workshops.  Below you will find a sample of some of what is offered.  I also love partnering with schools and churches to customize these offerings.

Morning Mist over Forest

Practicing Presence - A 4 week course 

Take one hour of your week to retrain your brain and body to pause, notice, listen and connect. This is a time to practice and experience tools which help you regulate your nervous system, process emotions and make decisions.  It’s time to make the choice to be more intentional, aware and engaged with ourselves and with those whom we love and care about.  By practicing weekly, you will create new neuro-pathways for your brain to respond instead of react.  By the end of the course, you will walk away over 10+ practical tools to help you deal with stress, overwhelm, anxiety and shutdown.  New session beginning soon. This course is being offered through the Center for Relational Care. Click here to Register.    

Experiencing His Presence
A day retreat to relax & refresh spending quiet time in God's creation. Tap into your heart through creative worship expressions in nature, song, movement and the arts.  Spend time engaging in the powerful healing presence God uses through horses. There will be time for you to spend in solitude praising, abiding and soaking in his rich love.  Walk away with greater intimacy with the Triune God fully refreshed and alive. 

Peaceful path
Destiny Project Course or Retreat
The most popular retreat I facilitate is called Destiny Project.  During this weekend we get to dream and explore your heart's desires.   Destiny project is offered as a 10-week course or weekend experience.  Join us on a path to discover your core values, identity, and mission.  You will walk away with practical tools to live life in who you were created to be more confident in your purpose and destiny here in this world.  Click here to find out when the next event is happening. 
Creative Worship Experience
A lifestyle of worship is  so much more than just the songs we sing.  It is about an intimate connection.  It's about the ways that we surrender and connect with God.  There are seven different worship expressions in the Bible.  During this time, a space is created for your group to individually access new ways to worship.  Go to my home page and send me an email to discuss how to meet your groups needs for this experience.  Time needed:  3 hours
Exploring Dreaming Creating

Dreaming & Visioning Workshop

Visualizing is a powerful tool to create the life you want to live, so create a vision board in addition to writing out those strategic goals. Through coaching, we make those goals come to life and identify the core values behind your dreams.  Access what you believe to be true and the environment you want to create.  By identifying your values, you can have more clarity in making major and minor life decisions. Go to my home page and send me an email to discuss how to meet your groups needs for this experience. Time needed: 3 hours

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