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Parenting & Education

Helping parents and educators with children during their formative years with developmental understanding.

Parental support
Developmental Milestones
Whether it is one on one coaching or counseling with parents or working with school teams, Janai has over 20 years of experience working with elementary and middle school children, parents and educators. Her services can be offered in multiple venues including, elementary and middle schools, churches, family health & wellness events and parent gatherings. 
parental support
Coaching and Training
Life transitions are challenging. Parental support can range from a one time session to long term support to help you build the confidence you need in the area of parenting. From anxiety and stress to behavioral challenges or family transitions, Janai provides coaching and training along with tools to help you integrate your values, dreams and desires for your child(ren).
Supporting kids
Emotional Regulation
We all have emotional needs. As children are growing up, they all learn to process and communicate their emotions differently. Janai comes along side you to help you discover how to parent out of love and not fear. Some symptoms of emotional de-regulation include emotional outbursts, whining, signs of depression, excessive worrying and internalizing emotions that causes stomach aches, headaches, nail biting and/or insomnia. These symptoms can often show up during the onset of developmental stages.
Emotional regulation
Connectivity and Mindfulness

Janai helps empower you with the tools to help in the areas of connection and emotional attunement with your child(ren). Noticing and being aware of one's own internal processing will help you as a parent respond to your child(ren's) needs as opposed to reacting. Practicing mindfulness will allow you to create a heart connection with your children which will in turn positively impact behavioral changes.

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