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Therapy & Inner Healing

Experiencing peace and serenity

As a therapist, Janai helps people understand the relationship between one’s spirit, soul and body and how they inform each other. She knows that while we can have intimacy with God, we can have difficulty in our daily relationships. She seeks to provide her counseling and coaching services to help support breakthroughs in challenging relationships by understanding systems and behavioral patterns. Sessions with her bring clarity and confidence.


Having been on both sides as a counselor and a client, she values authenticity, intimacy, grace, love and mercy. Janai works to create a safe and secure place for trust so that you can be authentic and vulnerable with your true emotions. She believes that is where healing can begin and transformation occurs.


Because of her vast experience, Janai has chosen to blend coaching and counseling techniques . Whereas counseling helps heal hurts and wounds from the past, coaching helps with moving forward to the future – all the while, being mindful of integrating the mind, body and spirit. 


As a coach, Janai has consulted educators and administrators in integrating their values and mission to create a positive school culture; She has helped them align their values with daily decisions and problem solving. From relationships with students, staff and their community to their personal lives, she has helped them bring balance and contentment with one's professional and personal life. 

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