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Coaching has helped me in every aspect of my daily life. At work, as a middle school principal, it has helped me align my values with the daily decisions I have to make regarding students, staff and community and in my personal life it has helped bring balance and contentment with family and friends.  Ray D.

I love that Janai is both a counselor and a coach. During our time together, she is able to go from assisting me with identifying, addressing and healing wounds from the past to helping me stay present and focus on future goals. She has a wonderful listening ear and I highly recommend Janai! She knows what she is doing and can truly help you! I can confidently say that she has played a huge role in transforming my life.- Bianca

"Through Janai I was able to fine tune my strengths and gifts at my job.  This has made my work more effective and fulfilling.  Janai's insight, encouragement and wisdom has tremendously helped me determine my goals and then reach them.  I am so thankful for her support!"  Juliet J

Janai is insightful and encouraging.  She is a coach who truly listens.  She hears the heart and desire behind the spoken words and quickly brings deeper issues to the surface.  I recommend Janai wholeheartedly.  Lauri S.

Janai was a huge help to my husband and me in preparation for our marriage and helped us to keep God as our main focus.  As we talked about problems that arose, she would help us to come up solutions.  Her openness and understanding allowed us to be completely open and honest.  She taught us tools have been extremely helpful in our relationship.  In addition, Janai went the extra mile to help me with my personal goals and the best direction to take to achieve those goals.  Jerelyn B.

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