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Janai Bryan

So glad you are here.  My experience includes 30 years of working in schools, churches, treatment centers and in my own practice. I have a heart for working with individuals who are feeling stressed and overwhelmed to help them to experience restoration, healing and integration of their mind, body, soul and spirit.  In doing so, I walk alongside people and listen to their life's journey with empathy and  compassion.  I invite every client  to learn how to track their own nervous system, to pause, to listen and to learn what support is needed.  Together we create a healing path where pain can co-exist with joy.    

Through research based practices, rooted in neuroscience, attachment, parts work and inner healing, my clients experience personal growth, clarity, congruence, peace and freedom. Clients learn to track their own nervous system, becoming more present, embodied and  integrated.  You will receive practical tools on how to respond to life stressors, strengthen and deepen your relationship with yourself, your loved ones and God.  

Contact me to set up a free 20 minute consultation to see if I am the counselor for you.


I hold the belief that we were all created by God, and to be in connected relationships.  We are designed with desires and purpose.  


As a Counselor, I compassionately help people connect with their authentic self by exploring  the relationship between one’s mind, body, soul and Spirit. Through one's faith and with the framework of interpersonal neurobiology, integration, restoration, and transformation from on'e's past is available.   


And although, we can have a relationship with our Creator, daily relationships and forming new patterns can be difficult to maintain. Together we create a space where breakthroughs and transformation can occur..  


Having been on both sides as a counselor and a client . . .


With 30 yrs. of experience,  I skillfully create supportive environments to lead small groups in a safe way through dynamic processes specifically designed for success.

Whether facilitating one of my own or creating a unique course, workshop or retreat for your staff,  you will leave with practical tools with a sense of purpose, clarity and momentum for your life.

Practicing Presence is my most recent course where you will learn tools designed to help you process and regulate  your emotions, respond instead of react to life stressors and gain clarity for decision making.  I integrate the neuroscience behind how we were created with spiritual practices. 


"Janai has helped me in every aspect of my daily life. At work, as a middle school principal, she helped me align my values with the daily decisions I have to make regarding students, staff and community.  And in my personal life she helped bring balance and contentment with both family and friends."  Ray D.


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